Should You Stop Drinking?


Signs That You Should Stop Drinking. Do you experience serious alcohol-related difficulties and problems in virtually every aspect of your life?

If so, there's a good chance that you need to stop drinking.

In fact, making the decision to stop drinking is the first step in getting treatment, getting sober, and achieving long-lasting alcohol recovery.

Although there are many different therapeutic approaches that are available, what is necessary for long-term alcohol recovery in most circumstances, nevertheless, is a quality treatment program that you can "buy into" and successfully follow so that you can stop drinking for the long term.


Some Relevant Alcohol-Related Questions

Do you think you should stop drinking? To find out, ask yourself the following questions. Do you think about drinking throughout the day?

Has drinking led to a critical financial drain on your pocketbook? Do you get drunk a number of times per year?

Have your significant relationships started to become negatively affected by your drinking behavior?

Do you experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit drinking?

More precisely, do you vomit, get nauseous, have painful headaches, the shakes, or feel simply miserable when you try to stop drinking?

Do you crave alcohol? Does your drinking affect your work performance? Are you starting to sneak drinks throughout the day? Have you received any DUIs in the past year?

When you drink, do you find it almost impossible to drink responsibly and in moderation?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, chances are that you have a drinking problem that is serious enough for you to get an alcohol assessment from your doctor or from your healthcare professional.

There are, however, two essential questions that you need to ask yourself about your drinking behavior.

First, can I honestly refrain from drinking in an excessive way and learn how to drink in moderation?

And second, will drinking in moderation help me avoid alcohol-related problems and issues in my life?

If you cannot drink in moderation and you find yourself binge drinking and getting drunk, then it is likely that you need to stop drinking.

And for most people with a drinking problem, the best way to stop drinking is to get professional alcohol treatment.

Do Not Treat Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms at Home

Alcoholics Get Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms When They Stop Drinking. If you are alcohol dependent and have made up your mind to stop drinking, please remember that you should not try to endure your alcohol withdrawal symptoms at home.

In fact, research shows that every alcohol-addicted person needs professional alcohol rehab when he or she experiences alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

While this is apparent for problem drinkers who experience severe alcohol withdrawals, many, if not most substance abuse experts clearly articulate that every person who goes through alcohol withdrawals needs to do so under the guidance of a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Quit Drinking For the Long Term. The good news, however, is that there is a multitude of alcohol rehab approaches that can help you stop drinking for the long term.

If you do some research and look into the different alcohol treatment programs that are available in your surrounding communities, you will find that there are a number of highly regarded alcohol rehab programs from which to choose.

Also remember, moreover, that successful rehab programs not only help you get sober and stop drinking but through outpatient therapy and counseling, they can help you remain sober as you start the alcohol recovery process.

Conclusion: Should You Stop Drinking?

The research literature shows that not everyone can drink in moderation.

For a multitude of reasons, some people simply cannot drink in moderation without losing control over their drinking behavior.


If this describes you, chances are that it would be a good idea to get an assessment about your particular drinking circumstances and see if you should stop drinking and get professional alcohol rehab.

With the number of reputable and successful treatment and rehab programs that are available, making the decision to stop drinking might be the best health-related decision you ever make.

Having said this, if you are interested in talking with a counselor at a drug and alcohol rehab facility, please call your local drug and alcohol treatment center today.