Big Book- Alcoholics Anonymous


The "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous is, in many respects, the Alcoholics Anonymous Bible, that is the document in which the key philosophical and foundational components of Alcoholics Anonymous are illustrated, contained, and explained.

Is the "Big Book" The Alcoholics Anonymous Bible?

The "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous is in many respects the Alcoholics Anonymous Bible, that is, the AA main text or document.

For instance, the Big Book contains chapters that discuss alcoholism, agnosticism, and working with others.

Still other chapters in the Big Book focus on the wives, employers, and families of alcoholics.

The Big Book also contains personal stories of 42 alcoholics who, through the support of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), recovered from their addiction.

As important as these stories and other topics are, however, the real jewels found in the "Big Book" revolve around the philosophy, framework, and implementation of the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program.


These foundational concepts are contained in The Twelve Steps (found in chapter 5, "How It Works"), The Twelve Traditions (found in appendix I), and The Twelve Concepts (found in appendix VII).

Not surprisingly, in this age of the Internet, the Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book" is available online.

Conclusion: Big Book Alcoholic Anonymous

The bottom line is that the key foundational and philosophical concepts of Alcoholics Anonymous are explained, illustrated, and contained in the Alcoholics Anonymous "Big Book."