Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Schedule


Perhaps the easiest and the best way to find the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting schedule for a particular Alcoholics Anonymous group is to go online to the main Alcoholics Anonymous website.

Finding Local Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Maybe the best way to find the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting schedule for a specific AA group is to go to the main Alcoholics Anonymous website and click on the name of the State or the name of the Canadian Province.

For each State or Province, you will find information about the name of the group, the address and phone number, and a link to the respective website (if the group has a website).


Once you locate a particular Alcoholics Anonymous group, you can call them or go to their website for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting schedule.

Online Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

For people who might be home-bound or who do not like to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in person, there are Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that take place online.

Some of these meetings are "email" meetings, some take place in "real time," while others take place in delayed time.

Online Email Meetings- Information about email meetings in specific languages

Real Time Online Meetings These meetings actually take place in "real time."

Once you select your specific language, you will be taken to a webpage with information about the types of meeting that are available as well as the starting times of the meetings.

Key for Meeting Types

The following represents the "Key" for the different types of meetings that are available:

  • 12 & 12 = 12 Steps and 12 Traditions

  • BB = Big Book

  • C = closed (Alcoholics Only)

  • CC = Child Care Available

  • DSP = Does Not Sign Court Papers

  • D = Discussion

  • FF = Floating Format

  • G = Gay

  • HS = Heavy Smoking

  • L = Lesbian

  • LS = Limited Smoking

  • M = Men only

  • M/L = Mini Lead with Topic

  • NS = Non Smoking

  • O = open

  • P = Panel

  • S = Speaker

  • SLI = Sign Language Interpreter

  • W = Women only

Conclusion: Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Schedule


As stated above, going on the Internet to the main Alcoholics Anonymous website is probably the easiest way to locate the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting schedule for a specific Alcoholics Anonymous group.